Cacao Ceremony

Combining the cacao ceremony with dance will create a unique and transformative experience.

The cacao ceremony is designed to help you find your center and open up the energy of your heart chakra.  Cacao is a powerful master plant used in traditional and spiritual practices, particularly in indigenous cultures of South America (referred to as Food of the Gods). Ceremonial cacao is prepared in a specific way and consumed in a ritual setting to promote connection, clarity, and spiritual insight.  In addition to being delicious, cacao has many health benefits. It is rich in flavonoids, which are powerful antioxidants, magnesium, which helps to release tension, and also contains theobromine, a natural stimulant that can increase energy and improve mood and feelings of well-being. We will prepare the cacao with intention, honoring the spirit of this master plant, to fill our cups, and hearts with pure love. 

After our Cacao ceremony we will embark on an Ecstatic Dance journey - a 2-hour global roundtrip, cruising a colorful, tribal, groovy, organic, sacred, healing sonic landscape. DJ Skydancer aka Inga will be fusing ancient wisdom with today's modern world music, crafted specifically for the energy of the retreat.

Ecstatic dance is all about going with the flow and feeling the rhythm to ride the present moment. With the medicine of sound and free movement we can really let loose and explore ourselves in truly transformative ways. Powered by the heart opening medicine of Cacao we will dance away to release stress, connect with others, and experience the joy of movement.